Introducing Ardvreck’s Nursery Manager

When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.
A.A. Milne


As the proud manager of Ardvreck Nursery, I am delighted to welcome you and your family to our wild, wonderful 42 acres of Scottish woodland. A place that promises to provide ample space in the great outdoors where your children can play, learn, and explore with friends.

Similar to Ardvreck School’s ethos, I believe in a blended approach to learning from inside the classroom to outdoors. As a Nursery, we offer a place where children can transport and explore their ideas from the two environments through a variety of learning opportunities and experiences.

Children have the opportunity to enjoy many activities at Ardvreck Nursery including swimming, den building, gymnastics, art, tree climbing and music. We also have an outdoor workshop space where children can safely play with tools to create mini-masterpieces using a variety of materials.

Trained in Scottish bushcraft and as a qualified Forest School Leader, I provide and nurture educational lessons with a natural twist. I facilitate children’s interests in learning by providing the freedom of discovery through engagement with the outdoors. Having worked within the Early Years sector for over 18 years, I am continually thrilled to see how captivated and involved children become when they are given time to explore the natural landscape at their own pace. Their joy at discovering bulbs in the soil, building natural structures, or creating art is boundless and it is wonderful to share their enthusiasm.

I am passionate about introducing a holistic journey for all children when they join Ardvreck Nursery, where they can undertake a range of practical activities and complete achievable learning opportunities every day, instilling in them a sense of achievement and willingness to try. Furthermore, I look to develop the children’s team working skills which improves upon their self-confidence and awareness for others.

Wonderfully, Ardvreck Nursery has recently moved into a beautifully renovated building overlooking Ardvreck School’s grounds. The nursery children enjoy a variety of natural resources including water play, building blocks, mini kitchen and creative stations which support literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing for every child, while offering spaces to stimulate role play, curiosity and creation through our woodwork area celebrating STEM learning.

The balance between indoor and outdoor education at Ardvreck Nursery is exceptional. The new building and facilities complement the 42 acres of surrounding woodland, though our nursery children regularly explore Crieff’s Knock Hill which is a short five minute walk from our nursery’s front door. We really are in the perfect location for little explorers to experience daily adventures!

Creating a safe and fun space for every child is what we do best at Ardvreck. The importance of curiosity and wonder allows children to lead their learning journeys and forms the foundation of how they feel about learning as they get older. I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge with our wonderful nursery children who enhance my enthusiasm and see the world with a new perspective.

I believe it is important to inspire our nursery children to explore their surroundings and discover new experiences, an approach I apply to my personal life. In my spare time I enjoy all things wild, including exploring Munros and snowboarding in the Himalayas. I surround myself with invigorating, jaw dropping opportunities in the shape of wild swimming, taking the plunge in lochs fringed with ancient Scots Pine really is my perfect place to feel inspired and wild.

My love, appreciation and wonder for the outdoors is shared with the Nursery children; it is very much a way of life at Ardvreck and permeates everything we do. Sharing a green space for this learning, in and out of the classroom, helps to create a positive, lifelong relationship and respect for nature.

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