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Alumni Series: Paddy Duff


An Interview With Paddy Duff Name Paddy James Duff School Dates 2004-2009 Senior School Glenalmond College  University and what you studied  1st Class BA Hons Degree in Actor Musicianship from the Rose Bruford college of Theatre and Performance  Where are you now? London What are you up too? I’m about to embark on my first major UK tour as part of the cast of the ‘Stick Man’.  Was what you are doing now (either career or hobby) inspired by your time (or a teacher) at Ardvreck?   Absolutely!! I didn’t [...]

Alumni Series: Paddy Duff2019-09-05T09:35:29+01:00

Making our Dining Room Great Again


Making our Dining Room Great Again By The Friends of Ardvreck Not long after Ali Kinge took over the headship of our school,  we had our first Friends of Ardvreck meeting of the academic year. The first one is always a fun and exciting meeting.  We greet new volunteers and welcome them onto the team. We brain storm new and exciting ideas for fundraising events and projects that we can run or help with that add something extra to the wonderful experience our children are having at Ardvreck. One of the first things [...]

Making our Dining Room Great Again2019-07-09T13:02:49+01:00

An Adventure of a Lifetime – 6th Form Leavers’ Camp 2019


An Adventure of a Lifetime - 6th Form Leavers’ Camp 2019 By Andy Robertson ‘This is so cool!’ exclaimed Henri as yet another seal head bobbed up in front of our sea kayaks.  Behind us, a string of brightly coloured boats delicately danced on the waves as they made their way to the shore and the waiting minibus.  This was Day 7 of the Ardvreck 6th Form Leavers’ Camp and the adventure was still far from over.  Over the previous few days, this group of 18, 12 and 13 year olds had taken part in [...]

An Adventure of a Lifetime – 6th Form Leavers’ Camp 20192019-06-27T16:52:55+01:00

Reflections on My First Year as Director of Music


Reflections on My First Year as Director of Music By Peter Grant February 2018 and I am sitting in my Wiltshire kitchen longing to return to Scotland when a job advert for one of Scotland’s top Prep Schools, Ardvreck, jumps out at me from my laptop screen. Application submitted and interview offered but the beast from the east scuppers my flight plans as even South West England is knee deep in snow but nonetheless an 850 mile round trip in my car was hastily arranged and the offer of Director of Music led me to [...]

Reflections on My First Year as Director of Music2019-06-24T21:42:18+01:00

Alumni Series: David Nicholas Henderson James


An Interview With David Nicholas Henderson James Name: David Nicholas Henderson James School Dates: 1940 to 1946 Senior School: Loretto University and what you studied: National Service then Peterhouse Cambridge to study Economics What are you up to now? I live in Edinburgh and am now retired. I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities such as golf, fishing and shooting. And of course some brain busting Sudokus! Is what you are doing now (either career or hobby) inspired by your time (or a teacher) at Ardvreck?  I love to fish, this was definitely [...]

Alumni Series: David Nicholas Henderson James2019-07-15T16:19:08+01:00

Alumni Series: Sandy Trust


An Interview With Sandy Trust Name: Sandy Trust School Dates: Ardvreck 1984 - 1989 Senior School: Glenalmond University and what you studied: Newcastle Uni, Pure Maths, 1st class honours Where are you now? I live and work in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where I’m lucky enough to be the father of 2 (Digby 6 and Rosie 5), married to my lovely and exceptionally patient wife Jo. What are you up?  Life is busy but brilliant. I feel very lucky to be able to be able to work on the climate [...]

Alumni Series: Sandy Trust2019-06-25T16:10:40+01:00

Alumni Series: Molly Brocklehurst


An Interview With Molly Brocklehurst Name: Molly Brocklehurst School Dates: 2004-2007 Senior School: Glenalmond 2007-2010, Uppingham 2010-2012 University and what you studied: Leeds Art University: Fine Art Where are you now? I am living in London. What are you up to?  I am currently completing my masters in fine art at University of arts London (at the Wimbledon College). Was what you are doing now (either career or hobby)inspired by your time (or a teacher) at Ardvreck? Yes. Art was my favourite subject at Ardvreck. I spent all the time [...]

Alumni Series: Molly Brocklehurst2019-06-24T21:42:30+01:00

Alumni Series: Pollyanna Murray


An Interview With Pollyanna Murray Name: Pollyanna Murray School Dates: 1981 - 1987 Senior School: Gordonstoun What are you up now?  I currently live in Kirkmichael, Perthshire in a log cabin at the top of a hill with my husband Rich and two boys Jamie and Finton. I am a full time mum to my boys are 8 and 6. I do get away to work occasionally. I am an ambassador for the outdoor retail store Tiso. I also do motivational presentations. I love interiors so I spend a lot of time up -cycling furniture and painting,  my [...]

Alumni Series: Pollyanna Murray2019-06-21T21:13:45+01:00

Alumni Series: Charles Bushby


An Interview With Charles Bushby Name: Charles Bushby School Dates: I reckon I did five years and left in the summer of 1977. Senior School: Glenalmond University and what you studied: Mature student after leaving the army at Bangor (University College of North Wales). Surprised myself with a First! Where are you now? Alyth, Perthshire What are you up to?  Forestry. I am often referred to as ‘Mr Maps’ (a useful skill in the army and in forestry!) and I'm sure these map reading skills started at Ardvreck. What is [...]

Alumni Series: Charles Bushby2019-06-24T21:42:38+01:00

Alumni Series: Florence Griffiths


An Interview With Florence Griffiths Name: Florence Griffiths School Dates: 1979 - 1985 Senior School: Morrison's Academy and then Sixth Form at Strathallan University and what you studied? Cardiff University Law Degree then worked in Financial PR for 3 years before doing my PGCE (Primary Teaching) at Roehampton. What are you up to?  Busy teaching at Ardvreck and persuading 3 teenage daughters to revise for their exams! Was what you are doing now (either career or hobby)inspired by your time (or a teacher) at Ardvreck? Yes! Some of my fondest [...]

Alumni Series: Florence Griffiths2019-06-24T21:42:54+01:00

Alumni Series: Finn Mannion


An Interview With Finn Mannion Name: Finn Mannion School Dates: 2006-2012 Senior School: St Mary‘s Music School Where are you now? S5 in St Mary‘s Music School What are you up to?  I am studying Music (Cello) at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh. I‘m currently preparing to leave school this year and have been investigating possibilities for future studies in the UK and abroad. I‘ve been participating in various masterclasses with some well known teachers and will start audition preparation in September. Recently, I was awarded the Julius Isserlis [...]

Alumni Series: Finn Mannion2019-06-21T13:15:47+01:00

Early Years Learning at Little Ardvreck


Early Years Learning By Steven White As an Outdoor Education Consultant in my previous role, while managing a Forest Kindergarten I was always on the look out for similar-minded practitioners and facilities. I was intrigued by Ardvreck's rural setting with their ethos of adventurous play and second to none pastoral care, which inspires their pupils to  develop their sense of self while preparing them for their next educational stage. Discovering  fun and engaging ways to nurture a child's natural curiosity so that a life-long love of learning is rooted should [...]

Early Years Learning at Little Ardvreck2019-06-20T19:40:56+01:00

Form 3G Maths Challenge


Maths Challenge June 2019 By Zazie Mackintosh Maths is one of my favourite subjects and yet it is guaranteed to elicit a groan out of most pupils. A conversation with a parent recently reminded me that many adults feel the same. Parents are often at a loss as to how to help a child who is struggling with Maths; I hope what follows might help in a small way. I’m a big fan of the work of British-born Stanford University professor Jo Boaler. (If you have a spare 15 minutes, [...]

Form 3G Maths Challenge2019-06-19T20:09:10+01:00

Teaching By Example


Teaching By Example Press Release Ardvreck School Teachers cycled The North Coast 500 route to raise funds for charity. A team of intrepid Ardvreck School teachers cycled the equivalent of the height of Everest over the course of their North Coast 500 challenge to raise money for Scottish Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA). Pupils at Ardvreck Preparatory School in Crieff, Perthshire, are known for their adventurous spirit, but this time it is their inspiring teachers who have wowed them, as they cycled into Inverness Castle, on the evening of 31st May 2019, triumphant and a little soggy after [...]

Teaching By Example2019-06-06T13:37:54+01:00

Reflections on My First Year of Headship


Reflections on My First Year of Headship By Headmistress, Ali Kinge It’s difficult to believe that on the 30th June, it will be one year since I took on the role of Ardvreck’s first Headmistress since its founding in 1883. Many of you will know that I have a long standing connection with this little belter of a Scottish Boarding Prep School, in that I was appointed as a part time teacher of music here 13 years ago. Having ‘moved up through the ranks’, filling numerous roles and teaching many subjects, Ardvreck has become very [...]

Reflections on My First Year of Headship2019-06-06T09:18:56+01:00