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An Interview With
Paddy Duff


Paddy James Duff

School Dates


Senior School

Glenalmond College 

University and what you studied 

1st Class BA Hons Degree in Actor Musicianship from the Rose Bruford college of Theatre and Performance 

Where are you now?


What are you up too?

I’m about to embark on my first major UK tour as part of the cast of the ‘Stick Man’. 

Was what you are doing now (either career or hobby) inspired by your time (or a teacher) at Ardvreck?  

Absolutely!! I didn’t actually realise, while at Ardvreck, that I wanted acting to be my career. All I knew was that I loved it.  Mrs Cameron was in charge of all the school plays while I was there and she was brilliant. She took a huge risk and cast me as Smee in ‘Peter Pan’. Being the comic relief character was enormous fun and my first main part in a school play. Entertaining people and making them laugh (trying too) while on stage was a brilliant feeling. Mrs Cameron then, to my complete shock, awarded me my Drama colours in assembly on the following Monday. These were my first colours. Again, at the point in time I had no idea that I wanted acting to be my job, but it was a nice little nudge in the right direction. All I knew was it made me happy and was so much fun. 

What is your overriding memory of your time at the school?

Under 9’s Rugby 2004 – Mr Gibson giving me a hug after I scored my first ever try against Craigclowan and telling me I would be Captain for the next match. My father was watching. 

What do you think sets an Ardvreckian apart from the crowd?

The inspiring leadership an Ardvreckian receives, in all aspects, during their years at Ardvreck allows each child be who they desire to be and not what they assume they should be. An Ardvreckian’s individuality is admired and they are encouraged and able to be themselves. Being an Ardvreckian inspires you later on in life to appreciate your surroundings and realise how lucky you are too have grown up in such a special place. Creativity outside of the classroom is always encouraged. I don’t know another school that encourages pupils to build dens out of whatever they find on the ground or build dams out of nothing but mud and rocks.  

Do you have an Ardvreck family (friends from Ardvreck) for life?

My best friend from Ardvreck is still my best friend today!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Harry Potter

What inspires you?

Optimistic people 

Is ‘being happy’ important to you.  Are you happy? ‚Äč

It is important to me yes. Though I think it is an emotion that comes naturally to some people.  I also think happiness is something you need to work for and pursue . A lot of the time it is not handed to you. For example, if your passion brings you happiness, you need to pursue your passion with everything you have, no matter what it is. Work hard for it because it will not be given to you on a plate. 


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