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Ardvreck Family

Our small independent prep school provides a unique, safe space for children to begin to discover who they are and how they best learn.

We endeavour to give children confidence so that they can make important contributions to many areas of school life and beyond the school gates. We are a relaxed yet adventurous school where pupils are able to attain high academic standards whilst feeling valued and encouraged as individuals. During their time at Ardvreck, children are encouraged to take on a leadership role developing their sense of self and awareness of the needs of others. We believe in teaching children how to manage obstacles or setbacks positively and to be more prepared for some of the challenges that lie ahead.


What makes Ardvreck distinctive is most definitely the people – the girls and boys, the teachers, the parents and the wonderful team of staff who devote their lives to building a fortress on the core family values of care, respect and empathy. When children join Ardvreck School, they not only become part of their year group, they become part of a close-knit network made up of fellow pupils, staff, parents and Old Ardvreckians.


Meet Our StaffArdvreck has an unbelievable team of staff, they are movers and shakers, optimists, can doers, smilers and who all care, beyond belief, about the education and wellbeing of every single boy and girl in our school. Our teachers encourage the children to cast their nets wide, to have big dreams and to be ambitious. They make our curriculum so creative and thrilling that young minds can’t help but have a tenacious thirst for learning.


As parents, you are invited to join the Friends of Ardvreck – the community of parents, grandparents, guardians, brothers and sisters who are attached to each child at Ardvreck School. They are represented by a committee of parents who meet a couple of times a term to dream up exciting events to raise money for things which make this school so unique. More importantly, it is at these events that parents get a chance to meet the friends of their children and experience a little bit of the fun that makes this school such a magical experience.


Ardvreck Alumni Academic, Adventurous and ArtisticArdvreck leavers go on to become ‘Old Ardvreckians’, a growing group of altruistic, extraordinary individuals whose lives we have helped to shape since 1883. Pupils are happy, well-rounded and full of hope and ambition for their futures. It will come as no surprise then, that Head Teachers from public schools all over the UK are very keen to enlist an Ardvreck pupil!




Governors At Ardvreck SchoolArdvreck School is fortunate to have a great team of Governors to support and advise. The current team of Governors joined the Ardvreck Family in Spring 2020.



We Are A Community

Ardvreck is a joyful and caring school which gives all children a wide range of opportunities to develop their full potential whilst carefully nurturing their self-belief and confidence.

We give each child time and space, respect and encouragement. At Ardvreck, we understand that they need the warmth and security which allow them to develop their own special talents and personalities. Most importantly, we have developed many ways in which to listen to the needs and aspirations of the children.