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Finding the right school for your child can be a daunting experience. Our Admissions Team are here to help you every step of the way – from your first enquiry, right up until when you arrive with your child on the first day of their Ardventure. Our Admissions Registrar, Annie Le Roy-Lewis, has a wealth of knowledge, not only about Ardvreck, but also about how it feels to be a parent at this stage of your child’s life. Annie will do her best to put you at ease – with no question too large or too small!

Completing our enquiry form will help us to take your first step with you – be that a request for a prospectus or to book a visit.


Join us between 10am to 12pm on the 17th May 2024 for a look around our school, the facilities and to meet our amazing team. 

You will be taken on a mini tour by one of our Senior pupils and will see all aspects of our feisty and fantastic school! 

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to meet with our Headmistress and admissions team, who will be available to answer any questions.


Nothing can quite convey the essence of a school than a personal visit. We welcome prospective parents to Ardvreck at any time during the year but we would always encourage you to come to the school during term time when the school is at its busiest. Some prospective parents bring their children with them, whilst others prefer to make a first visit on their own and return with their child at a later date.

We are delighted to welcome visitors to the school. Our Registrar will let you know how the visit will run on the day you visit. You are always guaranteed a warm welcome and, we would hope, a meeting with our Headmistress and a full tour of the school by our senior pupils.

We are also able to organise online video calls with the Headmistress and can always answer your questions via telephone or email to ensure that all the needs and aspirations of your child are discussed.


Taster days are an important part of the admissions process and allow your child to get to know the school, the grounds and their future classmates. A school brother or sister will look after your child during the day (or overnight for boarders) and will help your child immerse themselves in a school day to include lessons, games, art and music. Each child will wear our school uniform and have a gentle assessment carried out by their form teacher. These taster days are invaluable as they also give us the chance to get to know your child before we offer them a place.

We also hold a Spring Weekend to which all our prospective children are invited. The children will enjoy an overnight stay and a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities so that your child can get to know their surroundings and their peer groups in a relaxed and informal way.


If you feel that Ardvreck could be the school for your child, we will encourage you to register your child for the appropriate form and entry date to avoid later disappointment. Registration (along with a fee of £150) does not guarantee a place at the school unless a taster and assessment has already been carried out and a place has been offered to your child. A deposit of £500 will be requested once you accept the offer of a place.

Our places fill up very quickly, with some year groups already very full. Registration ensures that you are kept informed of news, updates and changes at the school prior to your child starting. Please let us know if you would like to register your child.


We are conscious of the cost of independent schooling and are dedicated to providing the best education through small class sizes, enthusiastic and skilled teachers and a wide-ranging co-curricular programme.

Ardvreck’s school fees are set annually and are as inclusive as possible. Any additional charges for clubs and trips will be notified to parents in advance. We know that some families need financial assistance of which more details can be found below. For more information please contact the bursar.

School Uniform

The following clothing list provides details of the clothing requirements for pupils attending the various stages of Ardvreck School. If you have any questions please contact either the school matrons or our uniform supply.


We are here to help you every step of the way – from your first enquiry, right up until when you arrive with your child on the first day of their Ardventure. Our Admissions Registrar, Annie Le Roy-Lewis, has a wealth of knowledge about Ardvreck and will do her best to answer all your queries – with no question too large or too small!