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​​​​​​​5-13 years

ardvreck School

At Ardvreck School we develop the whole child. We not only nurture the academic aspect of their education but inspire and encourage them to challenge themselves whether in the classroom or climbing mountains.

academic & adventurous

boarding & day

Ardvreck is widely regarded as one of the best preparatory schools in the UK - awarded Independent Prep School of the Year 2022 by the Independent School Parent publication. Our extensive academic and extra-curricular programme empowers all of our pupils to discover their talents and interests in an all-round learning environment.

All children who attend Ardvreck School are valued as individuals, and we work hard to ensure that all of their needs are met. As a small, independent prep school, we are able to adopt a child centred and compassionate approach to the needs, interests and academic enthusiasm of each individual child, making Ardvreck school feel like a home away from home. Children feel happy, loved, valued and nurtured here.

The day and boarding learning environments at Ardvreck are set amidst beautiful Perthshire countryside. Children play and explore in the dams and dens and extensive green areas, allowing them to thrive in a healthy environment surrounded by nature that encourages them to make the most of their precious childhood years.

Our school is the embodiment of an ‘all-round education’. We empower all of our pupils to excel and contribute in academic, sporting and cultural spheres.

Equally, Ardvreck teaches core values of altruism, gratitude and integrity. By the time our pupils leave the school, they have become “can do” adolescents who have developed a great understanding of both leadership and responsibility.

At Ardvreck, each child becomes the hero of their own story. They are taught to be curious and encouraged to make mistakes – and learn from them. Situated in the wild and beautiful landscape of Scotland our children learn the spirit of adventure from a very early age. Our inspirational team of teachers use creative approaches to stimulate the children’s imaginations, to encourage their engagement in activities and to allow their personalities to develop and to shine. The diligent approach to life which is instilled in our boys and girls ensures that they never fail to achieve the Common Entrance grades. Children make friends, often for a lifetime, as they learn to live and work with each other. What makes Ardvreck distinctive is most definitely the people – the children, the teachers, the parents and the wonderful team of staff who devote their lives to building a fortress on the core family values of care, respect and empathy.

The educational adventure begins at Ardvreck School: a curiosity for learning and an ambition to succeed are encouraged in each and every child. Our little heroes learn to develop a range of important skills for life. Sport plays a significant part in our daily routine and instils in our boys and girls the importance of being humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat. Our young heroes develop the determination and commitment to play and perform in the pipe band, to stand up in front of an audience and to perform in our outstanding dramatic productions. In the classroom, our heroes are actively encouraged to take risks with their learning, to be altruistic in their outlook on life, to have integrity and to build an inner store of courage and self-belief which will empower them with the confidence to move on to their senior school of choice.

At each stage of a child’s educational journey at Ardvreck School they are nurtured and supported. From three years of age, children are encouraged to become themselves and be the lead in their own story.

I love boarding at Ardvreck! It’s like a big sleepover and you get to be with your friends all the time. It feels really homely.

We chose Ardvreck because it was a full boarding school which offered an excellent education and good pastoral care. There were lots of children there at the weekend to enjoy the host of activities laid on by the exceptional house staff.

On the weekends we do so many fun activities like laser tag and weaseling. Most of these things I have seen on TV but never been able to do myself. I had never done Weaselling or laser tag before! If you don’t want to do an activity you have the choice to stay at school and can have a lot of fun there too.

The Boarders Club is great because we are all with our friends all the time. We get to do so many different activities in the evenings!

My two children THRIVE in the care of Ardvreck. They are growing in confidence and SELF BELIEF and beginning to see just what they are capable of. Ardvreck is a unique school and I would not wish for them to go anywhere else.

Ardvreck School provides the children with a culture of courage, teamwork, creativity, spontaneity and individualism. They go off to Public School down south or in Scotland and stand out for their life skills, sense of self-acceptance and their can-do attitude.