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Join us between 10am and 12pm on the 17th May 2024 for a look around our school, the facilities and to meet our amazing team. 

You will be taken on a mini tour by one of our Senior pupils and will see all aspects of our feisty and fantastic school! 

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to meet with our Headmistress and admissions team, who will be available to answer any questions.

Why Choose Ardvreck?

Ardvreck Prep School, known for its academic and adventurous ethos, offers a unique, educational experience to children from the age of 3 to 13.

Surrounded by breathtaking Perthshire countryside, all visitors gasp at the awe-inspiring views of doorstep Munros as they make their way up the school’s sweeping drive. Their attention is soon diverted to the even more thrilling spectacle of laughing, be-kilted and wellied children hanging out of trees, hiding in Dens or building dams in the burn which flows down the Headmistress’ lawn.

This is most definitely the school every grown-up wishes they had attended as a child. It’s where kindness, courtesy and good manners are at the forefront of every human interaction. It’s where academia and adventure are of equal importance and where good humour and fun permeate every undertaking.

Ardvreck has an unbelievable team of staff, they are the movers and shakers, optimists, can doers, smilers and who all care, beyond belief, about the education and wellbeing of every single child in our school.

Pupils at Ardvreck have a reputation for having plenty of commitment, resilience and determination. They are encouraged to cast their nets wide, to have big dreams and be ambitious. From age 3, in Little Ardvreck, the children have access to acres of outdoor space for exciting forest learning, sport and play; these factors make our curriculum so creative and thrilling that young minds can’t help but have a tenacious thirst for learning.

Well aware of the day to day juggling of family and working life, the school’s aim is to be the supportive hand in your team. With local transport options to facilitate your early morning sprints to the office and for meetings that drag on into the evening, flexible boarding packages for Enid Blyton-esque sleepovers when you need them and, importantly, monthly fee plans which make sense for today’s modern family.